Brief Informations about "The Golden Chariot"

The none profitable organization, The Foundation of Implentation of Social Programs
organizes The Golden Chariot Transport Award since 2004.

The Golden Chariot international transport Award is a contest for those who are
associated with transport and infrastructure all over the world.
The Golden Chariot rewards organizations, companies and people worldwide that make the biggest contributions to the industry.
Structure of Golden Chariot Award

Rules of assessment

Rules and criterias for the nomination and participation at "The Golden Chariot"

Golden Chariot Award - Rules of Assessment



The Mission

The Golden Chariots main mission is to honor the groundbreaking work and talent that push
the boundaries of improvements and innovations in the transport and infrastructure industry.The mission of Golden Chariot Transport Award



All costs associated with the preparation and implementation of The Golden Chariot International Transport Award
are exclusively funded by sponsorship, partnerships and other legal funds.


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